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Blood in stools - IBS ?

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Lately i have been to A+E because i had very terrible abdominal pains, followed by diohera, nausea and vomiting, and not being able to pass stools properly 1-2 a week, not satisfying either, still feels like there is more to come, and i have tried taken senekot. While at hospital i was put on a drip and given numerous drugs to ease the pain through my arm, numerous bloods were taken, and X-ray of my stomach, and a back passage examination was done...everything turned out to be fine.
They presumed it was something gasteric, or acid reflux, and suggested my doctor refered me to a spcecialist, which they have done but they suggested it might just be IBS. The waiting list is up to 11 weeks. Im going out of my mind with worry as my grandad had bowel cancer and died from this, i just think there has to be more to it....then a bad case of constipation, as twice this week i have passed bright red blood through my stools. Now i have this going on i find myself annalysing my body all the time now i have proded my neck and found a pea size lump bewteen the neck and collar bone....and i google this and yet again Lymph node cancers etc....

Not passing bowels normally
Blood in stools
Sharp stabbing pain if i push to hard to break wind or pass stool
Sticky looking poo
Smelly (occasionally)
Lump inbetween collar bone and neck (pea size, moveable?)

Please help me Sad
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replied March 6th, 2009
Im 19
I have changed my diet and up-ed my fruit intake and water.
My stools are like balls which just break apart...stool today was like this and very bright red blood throughout.
I'm not overweight.
I do little exercise but am not lazy.
Also the strain i do pushing gives me terrible pain in the right hand side of my eye. I feel like im going to burst a blood vessel Sad Help me
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