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Hi, 17 year old male here.

Three weeks ago I noticed a small streak of bright red blood on the surface of my stool. There was no pain involved. Because this occurred on holiday I could not get it checked immediately, and by the time I returned home a few days later the blood had not re-appeared. I therefore dismissed it as a small tear in the anus which had healed. However I've got a few nagging doubts now, and would like advice on whether I should still see a doctor about it. I would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions:

- If the bleeding is down to an anal tear or hemorrhoids, but these conditions have healed on their own in the past few weeks, would the doctor still be able to make a diagnosis?
- In the case of colorectal cancer, would the bleeding be this sporadic (ie. would it only happen once and then present no symptoms for three weeks)?
- Would I be advised to still see a doctor about this problem, if just to put my mind at ease?

Thanks for your responses.
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replied August 8th, 2010
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Hey beneb,

The best advice is to always see your doctor as they can administer the right tests to see what it was. They will also observe you and see if anything is the matter.

See a doctor soon!
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