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Blood in stool increases with periods?

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I was unsure of where to post this so I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this.

Female, 23

I have been noticing blood in my stools lately. I first noticed it around 11/6/12. When I first noticed it, it was bright red and only on the toilet paper after I wiped. A day or so later I started my period. I continued to notice the blood which was now in my stools. The blood appeared for about 3 days, I no longer noticed it after that. The blood appeared again right before/into my period once again in Dec. I only saw the blood for about 3 days in my stools. I started to notice it again around the 17th of Dec and it has continued since. I dont notice it everyday...heck sometimes not even every other day. I am currently on my period and the blood has increased once again. I am assuming whatever it is that is causing the bleeding is doing so more during my periods because of the cramping and hormones. The blood I am noticing ranges from a bright red to a bit of a maroon color. The blood tends to be in clots and is accompanied by clear mucus. The best way for me to describe it would be the compare it to what bloody snot looks like. The blood I am noticing is not in a liquid form that turns my toilet water pink or anything like that, it is contained in the mucus. My bowel movements while on my period are mostly gas, mucus, and some small stools. While not on my period I would say I have pretty normal bmlighter brown, full stools that are close to a peanut butter consistency. Since noticing the blood again on the 17th I have been keeping track of how often I have bm and a bit of a description of each. I average about 2 bm a day so I do not believe I am constipated and I havent had diarrhea. The blood, when noticed, is either on the outside of the stool or slightly mixed in by the mucus. As far as the amount I would assume it is a rather small amount. I have not had any pain associated with my bm or stomach. The only symptom I would say that I have had starting around the same time is a random stomach burning sensation. The burning does not hurt or anything like that, it is just there. I would say almost like a weak heartburn, I just feel like a radiating heat from the inside of my stomach. My stomach has been rather loud lately and I have noticed an increase in gas and gas pains. Any information/advice would be appreciated.

I plan to make an appointment with my doctor once my period has ended.
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