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Blood in stool and constipation

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About a month and a half ago I noticed blood in the toilet after pooping, I wouldn't have known if I wouldn't have looked, there was no pain no nothing. It was this cloud of blood in the water. Of course this freaked me out and I worried like crazy until I pooped again like three days later and there was no blood. I was relieved and went back to my normal ways and all was fine, no blood no nothing. Then about a month later it felt weird when I wiped, like something got soaked up and there was blood soaked in the toilet paper about quarter size. I don't know if there was blood in the toilet because I had flushed it already. Again I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen it. This freaked me out again, but I tried to put it out of my mind and the next two poops were fine, but I still was thinking about it a lot. A few days later I felt like I had to go, but couldn't, it wasn't pain but really uncomfortable like pressure in the anal area. This went on for probably six or seven hours on and off. When I finally pooped I had to really squeeze it out and it was a big one. And when I looked there was a cloud of blood in the water. It felt good to get it out but I was freaked out again and was always thinking about every little feeling in my gut, I couldn't get it out of my mind. For the next four days I felt like I had to go probably once a day for awhile, but couldn't, it felt like something wanted to but couldn't. I didn't want to strain too hard and burst something. Then I finally went and all was fine, no blood, nothing, I didn't even strain, it just came out finally. I should say the poop was soft and normal looking like always. Then later the next day I felt like I had to go again, but couldn't and it eventually went away and the next day felt like I had to go again and went, same as last time all was fine, looked normal. Even though all was normal looking the urge to go and not be able too freaked me out and I constantly worry about having some problem or disease. I worry about things a lot anyway. But now it's been almost a week since I went poop last and I'm freaking out. I have no pain or anything, I feel fine, but about once a day for a few hours I feel like I have to go but nothing comes. It's a feeling like something wants to push out put can't and I try and push put nothing comes. It's the same pressure feeling as before too, it can get pretty uncomfortable, but there's no pain in my abdomen or anything and eventually it goes away. The last time I felt it was last night, I've felt fine all day except for the constant thinking about my guts and worrying. I was never a poop once a day person either, I'd go three days without going, though I never really paid close attention to it until now. Now I count the hours since I last went, I want to think it's just my nerves causing this, but I worry about every disease in the book since I made the mistake of looking up things online. It's just freaking me out because it's been so long, it can't be good to have not pooped in a week, and I've eaten a lot of food in that time, I don't know how there's room for it all in there. but like I said I feel fine, I still feel hungry and all that. Just the discomfort and urge to go every once and while and the worrying are all that's different. I should say that a week ago I started taking Benefiber everyday, I found it in the cabinet and thought I'd give it a shot. Could taking that be causing me not being able to go? Along with the nerves? I've never been a healthy eater, I never eat consistently, I eat at random times, about the only meal I eat regularly is dinner, but I don't eat junk food and drink mostly water all day. Is this the sign of some serious problem or just me being paranoid and causing my guts to act up on me?
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replied January 28th, 2009
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The most common cause of rectal bleeding is presence of internal hemorrhoids.
Bleeding can be seen on a surface of the stool, like bright red streaks of blood on the toilet paper or bright red blood in the toilet bowl.
Due to lack of nerve endings responsible for pain sensation, this type of hemorrhoids aren't usually painful (they may become painful if become swollen a lot)
Itchiness in anal area is characteristic symptom.
Rectal and anal discomfort like a urge to have a bowel movement without effect, could be also, due to the bulging of the hemorrhoids in the anal canal.
Constipation (hard stools, difficulties passing one and infrequent bowel movements) is a main cause for hemorrhoids.
Since your diet is not so bad (not including junk food, drinking plenty of water), the reason for your constipation is probably IBS.
It's good to know that these symptoms can be due to something more serious, too.

Visit your physician!
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