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Blood in stool AFTER colonoscopy ?

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Hi everyone,

My name is Charles and I find it bizarre that I only started to get traces of blood in my stool only AFTER my colonoscopy, and I still get the traces even after several months!

Here is my situation: I was suffering from major constipation and IBS for an entire year! And only after over ONE YEAR LATER, I underwent a colonoscopy test for further investigation.

My Doctor did indeed find an inflammation in my bowel area, and he told me it was a form of Irritable Bowel Disease or possibly even a case of Colitis/Crohn's.

Then 2 days after my colonoscopy, I saw some traces of blood in my stool FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!

I know that the inflammation in my bowel area can cause me to have blood in my stool, BUT WHY DID I START TO GET BLOOD IN MY STOOL ONLY AFTER A YEAR LATER, AFTER THE COLONOSCOPY??

I at first thought that the blood in my stool was simply as a result of the biopsy and so I should be back to normal after a few days. BUT IT'S ALREADY BEEN A FEW MONTHS AND I STILL GET THE TRACES OF BLOOD IN MY STOOL??

My doctor says it's normal to find blood in my stool because of the inflammation in my bowel area, BUT WHY DID I ONLY START TO GET THE TRACES OF BLOOD OVER ONE YEAR LATER, ONLY AFTER THE COLONOSCOPY?? Or is it just a MAJOR COINCIDENCE?

I am wondering if maybe the colonoscopy "worsened" my condition, or perhaps it was the "preparation" of the colonoscopy: all of those laxatives I had to take!

Did anyone experience something similar? Does anyone have any advice or know of any "natural" treatment to this health problem. I thank you kindly in advance for any advice or insights : )

Best Wishes,

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