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Blood in Semen and when I pee afterwards a few clots

I'm a 27 year old married man with no history of prostate issues or any issues in that region.

The first time this happened was less than a year ago. My wife was using her hand on me and squeezed my penis. When I ejaculated it came out red, and when I peed afterwards a few clots (i think) came out but then normal urine. I masturbated myself the next day and it was a little red, not as much as it was. I then when to a urologist who checked my urine and examined me and said it looked fine. I waited 2 weeks before doing anything again. 2 weeks later, I masturbated and everything was fine.

Since the first time it's happened I'd say 3 times since. The 4 times have been what I'd call "hard ejaculations" (?). When I held in ejaculating and pressure built up and it would shoot out faster than normal. Again I'd be able to pee afterwards and the beginning of the stream would be tinted with red and then normal. Each time I'd do it afterwards (day or 2) it'd be fine.

There is no pain associated with the bleeding, and there's no bleeding at any other times.

Not sure what this could be? Any ideas would be helpful.

I'm planning on going to another urologist in a few weeks, but wanted to get input from others in the meantime.
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replied December 7th, 2013
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If you never had any prostrate problems than it is probably just a weak blood vessel that breaks at some point.. I no that men that had any prostrate radiation treatment has some experience in weak blood vessels and will have blood in their pee or ejaculate. It is good that you are scheduled to see a DR.. good luck..ojsam
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