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blood group genetics

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hi, does anyone know if paternity can be discounted purely on known blood groups, all the info uses words like 'possible' or likely' I have known for 27yrs that my blood group appears to be an 'unlikely' possibility if my dad is my dad!!! if he is not, he has no idea, it is eating me up, and I need to know...without a dna as that would destroy him if he knew, and what if I am wrong to doubt??? accusing my wonderful dad of being an imposter, and my mum of sleeping around!!! I keep pushing it to the back of my mind but it is still there, niggling away. if anyone can help, please do, its been a long 27yrs!!!!

. I am AB+, mum is A- and dad is!!!!!!!

thank you, mel
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replied August 3rd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

On first look, no you could not be your father's child. However, you have to make absolutely sure the blood typing is correct. There are been many times that a blood was typed incorrectly. Before jumping, I would have all of the blood types rechecked.

But, even if they are correct, there are a few factors that can mess with the normally orderly system. One is the Bombay factor. That is why the test always say probably or usually.

(Both my spouse and I are O+, but our daughter was listed as A+. The NIH thought that she had a rare blood typing system. When we were all rechecked, it turned out she was O+ also.)

The only real absolute way to check on paternity is to do a DNA analysis.

Good luck.
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replied August 3rd, 2011
thank you,

I am sure of our blood groups, so I suppose I have to decide how much I need to know, and what difference it would make if I did!!!

Thanks again....I suppose if I am honest, I was just hoping for some miracle solution to take the responsibility of this off of me!!

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