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175 blood glucose is OK?????????

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I had 175 sugar level for years back in the 80''s yet the doctor did not dx me (another dr.)as diabetic until 2001. I tell myself that he was just focused on the bigger problem of bipolar. The thing is this lack of dx untill 2001 left me damaged with neuropathy etc. I don''t hold anything agaist him. He was a great doctor and he was just human. He was very very nice too.

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replied May 8th, 2010
Had you been fasting before you were tested?
Depending on when you ate or what you ate 175 would not be bad. My dad is often in the 200 and 300s unfortunately.

If you had been fasting before the blood sugar test and then had it 175 would seem high.
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replied June 18th, 2010
This situation cannot be taken lightly. Being misdiagnosed can be painful.

We can all educate ourselves and know the signs or depend on those who profess to know more.

Less than 110 mg/dl is better. Don't forget, 140 mg/dl plus means nerve damage has already started; the smaller nerves.

Treatment with drugs is available if you can handle the side effects, etc., etc. Other options are available only if curious. FDA emphasizes safety but, are people willing to go with drugs like Avandia?
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