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Ok,Here's what happened:I had my ears pierced 4 weeks ago and yesterday,I wanted to change the backs of the studs because the original ones were too tough,so one of the teachers did it for me and put them back and told me I could practice a bit and it would be ok.Any way,I did and I noticed blood and was sore and when I got home I had to get them out again to put smaller backs in which was a long and painful process.
Anyway,now they are tender and sore and I was wondering if they are infected.They are not bleeding now,but they would if I took them out.I use TCP on them as well as bathing them.Should they be ok after the 6 weeks is up?
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replied July 16th, 2009
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I think you may have taken them out a bit early. Generally, I think you have to wait 6-8 weeks to be on the safe side.
Certain products you use can also irritate a newer piercing.
If they were done with a gun, the likelihood of it becoming infected is higher because guns cannot be cleaned properly. They should only be done with needles.
If the jewlery is nickel-based, it is possible you could have an allergy. Surgical steel and backings are usually the way to go.
Although it it recommended to "spin" the jewelry, this can also cause irritation. What I did with mine (a professional peircer from the best place in town told me to) use sea salt and not spin the piercing. Use a cotton swab and dip it in a luke-warm water with the salt in it and dab a few minutes per ear. See if that helps. It will kill off bacteria.
If you are still having troubles, go back to the piercer or see someone in a shop that has had a very good reputation and safety inspection.
If it gets worse, see the doctor about it.
When I got my nose pierced, it bled off and on for a good month or more. I thought it was an infection, but the piercing place recommended an ointment called "Cortate." This eased my bleeding and bumps from the piercing.
Hope this helps!! Smile
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replied July 24th, 2010
Ear piercing bleeding after 6 weeks
I had my ears done 6 weeks ago and i took out the earrings that were put in originally by the ear person. One of them started to bleed. so i have put in a new sterile pair of earrings. is the ear infected? or did i just take it out too early??
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replied July 29th, 2012
I had problems with my ear piercing, I used Cortisone 10 and started wearing silver hoops. I kept them in day and night, turns out I'm allergic to gold. I still wear silver hoops for at least 5 years now with no problem. That was my experience, hope this helps.
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