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blood clot in throat?

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I've had a sore throat on the upper left side of my throat for about a week and started spitting out blood two nights ago. Finally had the chance to see the doctors yesterday and she referred me to an ENT doctor. Ent doctor took a look inside my throat with this long tube thingy and told me there was a blood clot on the left side of my throat. I havn't noticed it at all the whole time till I got out the clinic and felt something bothering my throat, I managed to spit it out and it was the blood clot.. I then started to bleed continuously until another clot forms up and it would be a cycle where i spit out the clot and bleed then back to the clot... How can I stop this? I'm really scared that it will get worse.

and yes I am a smoker, I mainly smoke newports. I also have to clear my throat really hard to get rid of the clot.
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