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blood clot has led to post thrombotic syndrome

In October i was hospitalized with a massive blood clot in my left leg (pelvis to ankle) Now 5 months later the clot is mostly gone only a bit left in my pelvis/groin area, but towards the end of December i started noticing this horrible itchy looking rash on the same leg. They told me it was most likely cellulitis gave me antibiotics and sent me home i started getting very sick i thought it was side effects.It got to the point i couldn't keep anything down and hit temps of 104. So i stopped taking the antibiotics and noticed the redness was going away it didn't itch anymore either. But i am left with a nasty brownish scar. after my latest ultrasound i found out i have damage (of course) to my veins from the clot. SO i started digging around and found post thrombotic syndrome it matched what i was going through perfectly. Bad part is they are saying it can be crippling. I cant be on my feet for hours already lost a job and might lose another. I keep being told to file for disability but i dont know if i will get it..But i do know i cant sit or stand for long periods without being in complete agony. It feels like hot pins going up and down my legs. Anyways anyone else go through this? I might add i was diagnosed with factor V Leiden in November.
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