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blood and ketone in urine

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I am 52 years old. I got UTI once every two years. last week I strted to feel unconfortable when I pass water such as feeling spasm in my lower back and flanks but not much of burning feeling. The flow was ok untill one day later when it felt as blocked. I started to drink more than usual just to flush out anything which could be harmfull. Now the flow is exetermly fast and sometimes can't control it. the spasm did not disappear. I went to three different health providers in one day(5 days later).the first told there was nothing wrong with the urine sample. The second said there was blood(+1) and a trace of protein and some ketone. The third said the is a sighn of infection. However i started to feel tired and sick and unable to sleep. Whom to follow and what it could be?
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replied July 21st, 2009
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Soreness or a spasm as you describe it, may occur in the lower abdomen, back, or sides during an episode of UTI.
A urine that is released may be tinged with blood during this time.
Feeling that you are unable to urinate fully or urination hesitancy usally occurs in chronic and recurrent urinary tract infections.
Ketones in urine can result from the type of diet (diet high in proteins, or diet low in carbohydrates), starvation or fast, or may indicate uncontrolled diabetes.
People with diabetes tend to have more frequent UTI's, since the high blood sugar levels is a predisposing factors.
If you start to experience fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, severe abdominal and back pain, see your physician as soon as possible since these symptoms may indicate spread of the UTI to the kidneys.

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replied November 7th, 2012
I began with low back pain 5days ago, saw my GP yesterday and the day before, the pain was also in my lower right abdomen, since then I have had increasing signs of blood in my urine sometimes its visible other times only detected by urine dip stix, today I dipsticked my urine and there was a positive purple square where the ketones show, repeated this later in the day the ketones seem to have gone but still a green indicator showing blood. I was sent to A and E last night where they told me I need to see a urology specialist but they were unable to do a scan due to no ultrasound technician available, I am a bit worried about all this as it spontaneously happened, I have had no accidents or trauma to cause this please advise. I have a history of IBS and haemorragic cysts on my ovaries, I had a hysterectomy 10yrs ago and have been diagnosed with the menopause nearly a year ago, taking a low dose eostrogen HRT.
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