after doing motion drops of blood is coming what i have to do
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replied December 18th, 2009
hello and welcome..youv,e not given alot of information but my advise to you is get a chek up..Any bleeding from the bowel area can be anything for example.

Do you have a small purple or redish lump on anal area which would detect that you have a hemarriod which can bleed after you have a bowel movement.?

Have you been constipated or troubled regular with constipation as sometimed hemarroids are inwards and not seen.?

Is your diet good or poor.? there are many reasons but ive only asked three so you need to have a check up with your doctor to eliminate any other reasons..

Please do this as soon as you can to put your mind at ease we are here to support and advise and this my advise to you and let the forum know how your consultation went.
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