I have an 80% block and 4 others that are close to 70%. 5 years ago I passed on a bypass and changed my diet. My Cardiologist was not too friendly after I did not have the surgery so I changed Cardiologists.

My condition began with Ischemia that showed up while I was jogging. It also showed up when the weather got real cold . It was severe and I could cause it to happen on my exersice bike within 4 minutes.

It took a month to diagnose because my heart was strong and I was in good shape. The Stress test was what showed that I must be blocked after an EKG, wearing a harness and, a Scan showed I was in good shape.

I was a jogger and tennis player, but I was the worse eater you could imagine for all my life - no veggies, just meat and a lot of cheese. Just before my Ischemia event, I was also suffering from night time Acid reflux because of my diet. I was a person who exercised daily and then figured I could eat as I wished; next day I would excercise again because I ate so much.......I was also a smoker till age 40. I was 54 when the clogs were discovered through a cath .The Doc was prepared to do a stent but after seeing 5 blocks he said I needed bypass.

Anyway, it's 5 years later and I never have Ischemia events. I push real hard on an exercise bike for 45 minutes daily and play tennis three days a week. I do experience difficulty breathing when I first begin walking up a hill , but at no other times.

My solution was immediatly becoming a vegitarian althoughI now eat Salmon, Chicken, and turkey in low quantities 3 days a week. I still do not eat a lot of veggies, but love salads with Olive Oil. I eat Oatmeal EVERY morning with a lot of Blueberries and Cinnamin. I rarely let a day go by without vigorous excercise which I call my daily stress test. Oh yeah, I am on a statin, Plavix, Atenolol, and Niaspan. I was afraid to do this without a statin. I also eat two Fish oils a day.

My Choloesterol is general about 50-50 and a total between 105-129. Never more. I check it every three months.
Without the meds I was down to 40-107 which I felt was too high. I did this a month and added the statin, etc. I do find that eating the chicken / Salmon adds to my good and bad cholesterol but relly helps keep my good at least 50 so I like that even if the bad is slightly raised.

I have no idea if I have added any plaque to my arteries, I feel my condition is improved becasue of the meds and Diet. I also believe that blood has found new tributaries to my heart. I always excercised but now I pay attention to not missing days.

When I asked my potential Heart Surgeon why I could be jogging and so active in prior years he said "these are big arteries. If you had a 90% block I would tie you down and cut you open. Just don't add any more plaque" He also added that the stuff took a long time to build up.

Have not had an Egg, Pizza, lunch meat, or any milk except Skim in 5 years. I can still run 3 miles but avoid it so as to save my knees for tennis. Oh and I do eat a lot of carbs (bread and wine) so I am not skinny.

I posted this in case anyone wants to know that there are options. I do not think I am going to die, but I am prepared to do the bypass if something happens. I am rolling the dice, but believe I caused my condition and I need to un-cause it. I had no family history of early heart desease and my heart muscle is strong.

Feel free to message me or comment.

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replied October 22nd, 2008
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That's great that it has worked for you. Thank you for sharing!
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replied August 27th, 2009
Thank you for sharing Smile . my father condition is the same as yours , but his condition was worst . He does not exercise and does not watch his diet , some of his arteries are fully blocked . left 1 70 % blocked ann another is 90% blocked . He insist not to bypass a surgery because he does not want to give any financial burden to my family and wants to work to feed the family . If you have any advise or solution Please email to me Smile As a son this is the least i can do
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