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Blocked Nose on one side

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Hi Good people, im 33yo always been healthy,
for over 6 month now i have a blocked nose, one side,
my nose keep switching sides, its not stuffy like im sick its blocked deep back
when i blow nothing comes out, im allergic to dogs without me knowing, at that
time i was exposed to dogs, after i found out im far from dogs for two weeks already.
nose keep being blocked, im using a nose spray with steroid that works but my nose keep being block
a day after also dont know if there is a connection but every time i get up from a lying down
position i feel my heartbeat and its pretty fast,
i did blood tests, thyroid test, Echo heart, Chess Scan and all possible testing,
Doctor said its gonna pass by itself but i kinda doubt that and i think i need to find
a different physician,
if u experienced this kind of thing please HELP,,,
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