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100% Blocked LAD artery. come back in 6 weeks?

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Doctor attempted to do an angiogram and stent on my husband on Wednesday of last week. Couldn't get through the blockage. Raised his Crestor meds from 5 mg to 20 mg. Told him to come back in 6 weeks AND THEY WOULD TRY AGAIN??

Does this make sense? good thing is his heart is healthy..heart has made up for blocked LAD by shooting out smaller arteries.... Wondering about any new procedures that would be less invasive than going through this again OR does anyone think I should take more active measures like ask for a second opionion etc. We are in Windsor ONTARIO - I really need some advice Shocked
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replied May 6th, 2017
No, of COURSE it makes no sense and his heart is NOT healthy if he has 100% blockage in an artery! I would find another doctor IMMEDIATELY!
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