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bloating while ovulating

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Hey guys! This is my first post under a new username.

Anyways I was wondering if its "normal" to be bloated and gassy during my ovulation times. Pretty much every ovulation period I am very bloated and very uncomfortable!

Also a little background before my next question..
My husband and I are not activily trying to get pregnant but also not activily NOT If it happens then it happens..but we haven't used anything in I'd say 2 years and I only got pregnant once which ended in me miscarrying...and yes..he usually finishes in me..and we have sex pretty much 4 times a week..I'm just curious for someone whos 21 is this normal to not get pregnant easy? I'm very scared since my mom had a difficult pregnancy (and so did 4 out of 5 of the women in my family) and she actually had septsis..(sp?) anyways It was less of a question and more of wanting to know if anyone else my age out there is in the same boat. I know none of you are doctors so really untill i can find the right doc i'll just be in the same place!

anyways thanks!
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replied April 18th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
Yeah, it's normal to have bloating during certain times in your cycle. Birth control would help regulate that, or just anticipating it and taking tummy medicines.

Usually they say if you have been having unprotected sex for a year and have not conceived, that is when you should start talking to a doc about fertility. once you start thinking about kids, you might want to get yourself and your partner checked.
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