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Bloating, sore stomach boobs swelling

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I've been read up a fair bit since me and my partner have finally decided to go ahead and try for a child. But last week 3 days before ovulation kicked in we had unprotected sex, now I know it has already been a week but I myself can see dramatic change in my body since i'm a very small framed skinny girl.

Recently my stomach has bloated and it is very recognizable I honestly look 4 months with an full bladder, it's also becoming hard and small cramps that i have noticed have not gone away after I use the bathroom or eat until i'm satisfied.

I've been feeling a bit gassy and wow they are something a lady should be ashamed of, I have been peeing a lot and my very tiny almost flat boobs have all of a sudden started to fill out and felt very tender not so sore but a lot more sensitive then normal.

I've also noticed slight weight gain, again this is all very noticeable because i'm an naturally very skinny flat stomached and almost flat chested female so all of a sudden my shirts are stretching from my bloatedness and my bras are overflowing with boobs.
Lastly Tiredness and feeling very hungry, like I would eat my standard meal and it wouldn't feel like it impacted on my belly.

Now I'm still about 2 weeks away from being able to test for a pregnancy but i'm wondering of these are good signs since I have a pressing matter that needs an answer next week...and if I can shrug these off as not pregnant I can make this matter a lot easier for my partner and he can be here when it all starts to happen.

So you can see my predicament here since I was not expecting all of this to happen so soon, before you tell me to wait and take it a few days after a missed period and i'm not holding my hopes up but all I'm really asking is If these are good indicators of a body getting ready to carry a baby. It will take some stress away and answer a few questions.
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replied March 4th, 2010
wow, im having all these very same symptoms-difference is(i had my tubes tide 7yrs ago) sure does sound like pregnancy to me!
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replied April 6th, 2010
My wife is currently experiencing the same symptoms, although the pregnancy tests have shown negative.

Personally, I would suggest you get diagnose by a doctor.
Never underestimate psychology and the brain. Besides playing tricks, a strong belief in a particular thought can have dramatic effect on your physical state.

I was curious enough to bump to Neoscience which is a science based on three major multi-disciplinary fields, consciousness studies and post-genomic research and Bioenergetics. Neoscience is based on understandings that inter-relate Mind, consciousness, thought, affect, subtle energy components, genetic material and space-time and the nature of life.

Scary stuff I know, but having a baby for us at this stage is scarier.

Good luck and I really hope we all get what we wanted.
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replied November 28th, 2012
ive had all these symptomover the last week but i have done several pregnancey tests and have all come up negative! i also have leaky boobs and slight stomach cramps! me and my partner have been trying for a baby but not sure wat to dp xx
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