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Bloating,pain under right rib cage,yellow stool

I have been for the past few days having bloating,stomach ache and pain under right rib cage which hurts when i touch it with my hands and I get very tired as well. I have also been having yellow stool. This always occurs after I eat a large meal in the evening. My medical past includes, Kindney Stones(2 years ago). Also frequant hearburn(probably GERD)
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replied January 27th, 2014
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GERD can cause yellow stool and upper ab pain. I suggest going to your doctor and looking into a) confirming the diagnosis of GERD and then finally if that is the case trying some slow working antacids. Furthermore, it may be necessary to adjust your diet. There is a forum for this I believe, if not a simple Google search or your doctor I am sure will provide significant information.

Best of luck.

Best ofl uck.
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