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Yesterday I think I lunged incorrectly, onto my toes... This is what I'm guessing, because I just felt intense pain in my big toe afterward, and my friend said nothing else happened. I figured it wasn't really anything, and so didn't check it until my lunch break, about 4 hours later, I think. I was fencing, so I did a lot of stuff in that time [running, lunging, etc.]. When I took off my shoe, there was sort of a circle of blood around the top of the toe, and some sort of liquid... My foot looked completely fine to me when I took the sock off, though [I did have really dark nail polish on, though, so I couldn't see anything]. The nail felt really weird, though. It was killing me, and it actually felt like it wasn't attached. It felt like it was wiggling. About another 4 hours later, after fencing again, I checked it and it was about the same. The nail was loose in the nail-bed, I guess, and if I squeezed the sides of the nail [gently!], I could see the underside XP
I cleaned it off with soap and water when I got home and put some alcohol on it before I went to bed. This morning, I was really freaking out about it, so I took the nail polish off of it. It didn't look bruised, or black, or anything, but it definitely didn't look right. It was kind of white/gray-ish, I guess. My mom had suggested that I cut any excess off, so I trimmed down the edge some... And then more, and more, and now, I have almost no toenail. Yellow-ish liquid was coming out, and when I put pressure on the nail [when trimming it], more came out. I was really grossed out and didn't want to get some sort of infection under my nail, and the nail was loose, and I could trim more off, so I did. Right now I have about 1-2 millimeters of nail left, at the base. I'm pretty sure I had a blister underneath my toenail. In the area where my nail used to be :[, it definitely looks like a blister. And it looks just like results I found when I googled 'blister under toenail'. But it's pretty huge. So I've got a big, open patch of skin, when I used to have a nail, that's sort of oozing...ew...
a. I'm freaking out about this getting infected, how can I prevent?
b. Will this pathetic excuse for a nail that I still have will grow back right--will it be ingrown?
c. About how long will it take for the nail bed to heal, I guess [how long will it be until my toe stops leaking!?]
d. Can I still do sports? I'm most concerned about my toe getting hit... I was looking for something like a toe cap that I could wear inside my shoe, that would keep stuff off of it... Does something like this exist?

Sorry for writing so much, but I'm pretty grossed out and scared. Thank you so much to whoever reads and answers this XD
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replied March 14th, 2011
hows it going, i just GOT THIS,and am curious how yoru nail is
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