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blister on vagina

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i am so scared, after i cleaned my self from going to the restroom it hurt a little so i checked an saw a blood blister looking thing. It had the same color as my vagina but bubble and was soft not hard. only hurts when i touch it in a cretin way. It only lasted 3 days then went away, There was only one that i could see. there is no smell or strange discharge or pain just some itching sometimes. I had unprotected sex the day before i got the blister but i been having unprotected sex with that person for over 6 months lets call him person (A) and never had anything. is it possible to get symptoms 10 months after having unprotected sex. because that is how long it had been since i had sex with another person besides person (A). i need to know what i have and who gave it to me so i know who to tell they should get tested. Im so scared!! please help.
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replied October 14th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
I have no idea what that was (possibly herpes?). If I hear the word blister, I always think herpes.

It is possible to have an STI or STD for a very long time before seeing any symptoms.

The best is to get yourself checked out if you think you can be infected.
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