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blending sounds with migraine symptoms

my mom suffer of migraine constantly and four months ago she started to hearing a terrible sound like a blender machine inside her head mix with the regular pain that she feels because of the migraine and its happen any time she wakes up in the middle of the night please anybody knows what is that or what it cause her to have this problem?
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replied May 16th, 2008
oh my goodness
I never thought I'd ever hear anybody else with the grinding/blending sound. I get them all! The photosensitivity, hemiparesis, nausea, vomiting, aura, but I also occasionally, usually in the middle of the night get woken up to a grinding sound in my head and it makes me very nauseated and I usually have to get up and vomit. With these the headache never actually occurs. I've also started having a painful pressure which creeps up my left arm until it gets just above my elbow and then it stops. I've been told that it is probably Jacksonian seizures and that the grinding thing is a form of seizure too that occurs in my sleep. They put me on Topamax and Relpax. Neither of which stop my migraines. I will say that if I avoid certain food additives and non-sugar sweetners I don't have as much trouble. Aspartame will trigger one every time. You may want to tell your mom to try to avoid aspartame. Unfortunately they put it in everything these days. Almost all gum, mints, and diet sodas. I wish the best for your mom.
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