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Bleeding with sex after giving birth

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Hi. I had sex after six week of my child birth. I had some stitches but in 3 week after birth the doctor said that I just have 2 stitches in my vagina.
then I thought I have no Stitch in 6, but I had pain in my vagina during the sex and a little bleeding after that.
the day after I have some bleeding yet but I have no pain.
I am worry about that, am I have stitches yet? am I forced to have stitch again? what is the reason of this bleeding? when I can do sex again???
waiting for your answers, thanks
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replied March 11th, 2010
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You should be fine...They usually tell us to wait for 6 weeks to be on the safe side...I know mine hurt too when we first had sex...Just take it easy until you work yourself in...Use lubricant and enjoy your new body...Congratulations on the birth of your baby...These are your wonderful days....Take care...

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