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bleeding when ejaculating and urinating

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I have noticed when I am sleep I tend to have spots of blood on my sheets, bleeding when I ejaculate and when I urinate is painful and sometimes bleeding (not much, but enough to scare me). I have been tested for std's before this problem existed and I do not have any insurance to go to a doctor and was wondering does anyone have any advice for this problem?

I must admit I have done my share of masturbation without any lubes (I prefer it that way!) and now scared that I might have injured my pride (lol). I would appreciate any piece of wisdom or knowledge. Thanks!
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replied September 3rd, 2008
You need to see a doctor! Blood in the urine and during ejaculation is not normal and could be a sign of infection. If you don't have insurance, there might be free or sliding scale medical clinics in your area. Please PM me if you'd like me to help you find one...but you need a diagnosis and can't let this slide!
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replied March 4th, 2011
Blood problems
Hello,I need to ask a question on the topic of blood when urinating an ejaculation....I had sex with someone last year that had that problem, an told me it is not abnromal for it to happen..when I questioned him an asked if I should go to clinic.He said I had nothing to worry about an that they would tell me the I let it go..But It has been over a year know an I think about it often,an wonder if I should go get checked out to be safe..What are your thoughts on this matter..
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replied March 7th, 2011
Community Volunteer
If you are referring to him possibly having HIV from
blood contact then you would also think it possible
to contract it from the sperm.
Both ways are possible.

The only was to allay your fears would be to be tested.
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replied December 14th, 2012
Hi guys ... this a woman and I seen that happen last night ...I don't know what's bout be I worried all night ....I'm at the doctors now maybe she can help....
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