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bleeding 5 weeks after abortion

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I had abortion on May 14the and went back to clinic after two weeks. They said that there is still some tissue left and give me methergine pills to make the leftover tissue out. After taking those methergine pills, there was very heavy bleeding (2 soaked pads per hour) and big tissues passed.

After that, the bleeding stopped, but spotting continued until for next three weeks. The spotting stopped for two days and I had sex once. Suddenly, bleeding started again (looks like normal period) with lot of cramping.

1) Is it normal to have resumed bleeding since i was spotting not long ago?
2) Is it that my normal period has resumed or is it something to worry about?

I am freaking out and thinking of going to ER if it doesnt stop by morning. Any advice, personal experiences would be very helpful to bring calm.
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replied July 22nd, 2008
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It definitely COULD be your period!!

Did you go to another follow visit to make sure that the medication worked to remove the left over tissue?

I would say that you should have another follow up visit.
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