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Bleeding two weeks after last period?

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So about a week and a half ago around May 27th I had just got off of my period. Now on Sunday which was the 6th of June I started to spot this brown and pink color, there wasn't a lot at all the first couple of days, it started to get a little bit heavier around the 8th then on the 9th it was almost like a full period but not really...barely any cramps or anything. And today it has stopped bleeding completely, with only a very faint amount of brown color. I only went through 3 tampons and I changed them because they were in there too long...not because they were full. It's just weird that I would have another period only a week after My last one. And I don't think it's ovulation cause mine is usually right after my there is too much blood for that. So I dunno, of course my guess is pregnancy...cause I have had sex, and been extremely exhausted lately...but that could be anything. I just don't know what's up... Help? Smile

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replied May 13th, 2013
this is the same for me well I only get my period 3-4 times a year I am 18 and don't understand why that is but I just had my period two weeks ago and I now have it again but it has never felt this way before it is really heavy and it feels like there is pressure pushing on my lower abdomen normally where I get cramps I don't know what it is and am not sure if I should be worried or not
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