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Bleeding only after 10days after talking an I pill.

my girlfriend took an i pill tablet after 30hours of great confusion. We were confused as my penis didn't penetrate into her vagina (may be just 1/2inch and i didn't ejaculate anywhere near her vagina), this happened for 3times and finally she took the pill on the 26th Feb 2012 (5:00pm), 30hours after...
In the following days we had sex for three times (used condoms) but i didn't ejaculate inside her. So is there any chances of pregnancy??
She got her periods on the 10th of March (6 or 7 days earlier than her last period which was on the 16th or 17th of Feb) but bleeding was more than usual.
Is this the effect of the pill or just her normal period?
Is she suppose to expect another bleeding soon?
Please help.
Thank you.
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