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Bleeding 3 months after medical abortion

I had a medical abortion on October 1st, 2009 it has been about 3 and a half months and I still seem to be bleeding. Nothing that I have needed a pad or tampon for and I have not had anything that could even slightly be considered a period.

When ever I go to the bathroom and wipe I always see what looks like slimy old blood, every once in a while I get a nickel sized blood clot. The only time I have ever actually bled is after having sex then I well bleed pretty lightly for the next hour or so. Happens every time I have sex.

every once in a while when I go to the bathroom everything is normal and clean but most of the time it is not.

I did go to my fallow up appointment and I was told that there was still some uterine lining and it would come out during my next period. Could it be that since I havn't technically had my period that this is the way my body is expelling the uterine lining?
Or is this something much more serious and money or no money should I go into the doctor for?
I am unemployed and have no source of income staying with a parent on social security. So if It is something I can avoid going in for that would be good.
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replied January 16th, 2010
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Hi Santario,

Since you have gone for your check up and was told by a medical professioanl that the remaining discharge would release itself once you have your period, I would wait to see if that happens. If after you have your full period and still no change in terms of the discharge, I would return to the doctor for further evaluation.

In the mean time you should only have protective sex unless you want to repeat the same experience of not wanting a baby. You could also take a disposable douche to help cleanse the discharge. (vinagar/water by messengil).

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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