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I have found a lump/cyst type thing that is on the inside of my labia minora that gets painful and annoying leading up to my period. Each month just before my period starts, it gets alot of pressure in it and burst and bleeds so much I need to wear a pad. I emailed a doctor that I saw 6 months ago for a pelvic issue and he said it may be endometriosis but he can't tell without looking at it and if it is it is in an unusual spot. I cannot see him as he lives on the other end of the country.

What else could it be? My normal GP saw it about 2 months ago and said I must have torn myself there which I had not. I also have regular urine tests and each time have blood in my urine.

Has anyone else heard of such a strange thing? I am also suspected of having lupus or some other auto immune disease but have not been specifically diagnosed but each month notice more and more weird issues with my health and body. Very frustrating.

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replied September 14th, 2008
You need to get your gyno issue checked. IF you do have lupus, you will need to have regular urine tests to check your liver and kidneys to be sure the lupus has not gone into your organs. You cannot give urine samples if there is any trace blood. Find another gyno specialist in your area. Call a university in your area to see if they have a good one, but don't let that go untreated. Good luck to you.
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