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Bleeding lots from rectum

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I just got back from the hospital (4 hours waiting, 1 hour being examined) and can't get a hold of my doctor and Im just looking for any information.....

I am bleeding from the rectum. Tons of blood pouring out. Blood was bright red but now its very dark blood. I went to the hospital and after waiting 4 hours...the doctor there looked at me and wasn't sure what was wrong. We thought it might be a hemriod because of the lighter bright blood coming out at that time. He wants me to check with my doctor and get looked at. Problem is, he sent me home and I'm now bleeding even more. dark red blood. Not sure if I should go back or not.

It almost feels like I have diarrhea so I run to the bathroom and the blood pours out like diarrhea (no poop).
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replied February 4th, 2009
Go to the doctor immediately. Dark red blood is a sign of something serious.
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