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My case is different from others, im just a 14 yr girl, its almost 2 months now since i got my first bleeding. First i didn't make a big deal at all...i just ignored it, but my close circles told that it could be piles or any sort of cancer... Shocked Shocked Shocked im totally shuttered now. What could be the reason, please help me out.
I dont get it everytime i use toilet, but for last couple of weeks, i get frequently and another thing is i hardly use toilet for 2 or 1 day a week, i had and i am suffering from constipation and dont drink water much and hardly touch vegetables, please tell me the cause and also if my eating habit is the cause, please kindly tell me how to modify my eating habit.
Additional detail: im pure vegetarian and also attained age
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replied April 2nd, 2011
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replied April 5th, 2011
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Hi Riya33, it could me something called anal fissures doctor , or hemorrhoids glance this needs warms baths when you have pain, u must keep the anus very clean, and see your doctor doctor to get a good cream. YOU MUST drink water kiddo, its so important as the more constipated you are the harder you push the worse the fissures get. They are like a crack in your anus, keep it very clean, get a warm cloth before you go into the bathroom and clean your bottom after a movement lifepreserver . It could be a hemorrhoid, looking now these come out when you have to push to hard and they only get worse if your constipated. find something like a fruit that will loosen your stool, grapes work for me sunny . Do not eat processed food, especially because it backs you up.. Eat salads, lots of water, exercise, and sitzs baths, those are baths that u put your bottom in and it will help your anus heal.. Tell your mom, she will have had experience in these issues as many woman have this problem after having babies ok?? or see a doctor.. Don;t be afraid, but be proactive ok.. luvcomp i am here if you need me ok wanda sunny
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