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Bleeding for two months

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I'm going to try to give as much info as possible, so bear with me.

When I was 15 I was told I have PCOS I didn't think of it much after that, infact I had forgotten about it until my friend had a cyst burst and told me she had been diagnoised with PCOS and it made me remember that I had it.

I also have HPV (The type that causes cancer only, not warts)

I am on the depo provera **** (however, I am going off of it)

I am going off of it because we would like to have a baby, however with everything that is going on with me... the chances will be small.


For the last almost two months I have been bleeding irregular.

First off let me say that I was on Depo for a year when I was 15 and then went off of it for three years, until i was 18 when again, i went back on it however this time I have only been on it for 6 months.

Now the whole time I was on depo the first time, and this time I have never had a period. Which I was told was normal, and to be honest it never bothered me.

About a little over a month in a half ago I noticed that every time me and my husband would engage in intercourse I would bleed (which, as horrible as it sounds... unfortuntly has nothing to do with my husband, he does not have the equitment to make me bleed, I just wanted to clear that up, now.)

Also I do not finger myself, nor get fingered the only thing that goes inside of me is my husbands penis, so I was not accidently cut down there or anything else like, that would cause bleeding

I figured, maybe it was normal. Even though my husband wasn't causing it maybe it did have something to do with us having sex.

About a month later i was bleeding, all the time. With or without sex. (which as i'm sure you can imagine, the amount of sex... was dwindiling)

When we do have sex, I get a horrible pain in my lower stomach usually on one or the other sides.

Now I am having pains without the sex. I'm having horrible lower stomach pains all day.
Also in my lower back.

So, basicly to recap. I've been bleeding for almost two months, straight. (which isn't normal for me, or anyone really), I'm having lower ab pain when i have sex, and even when I am not having sex, I am at risk for Ovrian cancer due to the HPV

And as far as family history goes:
My mother and both of my aunts, and my grandmother all had to have a hystorectomy before the age of 40

My mom had to have one because she had endometriosis
I do not know why both my aunts had to have them but i do know that one of them had to have one due to a tumor in her uturs
and my grandma had ovrian cancer.
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replied April 13th, 2009
You've listed a lot of problems that I can't address. I do know that going off birth control can cause your system to be out of whack. Years ago when I went off the Pill, I had a period that lasted almost two months. Just when I had decided to go to the doctor things went back to normal. (I waited because I didn't have insurance.) As for the bleeding during intercourse, I think that is an issue you need to discuss with your doctor.
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replied July 29th, 2009
you sound almost like me except im not on the shot doc put me on pills to try to make the bleeding stop mom hade hys and had endo so did my sister i think i have endo and you sound like you might constant bleeding and pain with sex along with the tummy and back pain makes me thnk its a possible for you i think you should ask for a laproscopy procedure to see if you have endo...good luck
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