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Bleeding and Cramping 3 wks After Med Abortion

Hi everyone. It has been 16 days since I took Cytotec. At the time, I was 6 weeks along, so it was fairly early. I feel as though I followed the instructions given by Planned Parenthood to a tee... I passed some major clots within 4-5 hours after taking that dosage. Although, I didn't see any "pregnancy whitish" tissue at all... Just blood and grape-sized clots. I heard at 6 weeks it's too early to see anything definitive... I'm assuming I passed the pregnancy contents...

Anyway, since then, my bleeding has been light-moderate. My nausea and breast tenderness has gone away... However, on my 15th day, I went for a light jog and did some cardio. I waited the two weeks as suggested, and I'm usually very active, so telling myself not to engage in strenuous physical activity was pretty hard. After the light exercise, today (AKA the day after) I'm significantly HEAVIER!!! I'm also having period-like mild-moderate cramps... Has anyone else experienced this before too? Why does bleeding increase w/ physical activity? I really want to continue exercising again, but because of this, I may have to just stop for awhile til the bleeding goes down. =\ It's quite depressing. I have a big wedding coming up and need to lose the pounds...

I'm due for my follow-up appointment in 4 days. I'm hoping that the everything was "complete," but I'm scared... I don't have any fever and I'm not bleeding or filling 2 pads in an hour... Also haven't had sex since before I found out about the preg... Just wondering if anyone else has been in similar shoes (bleeding longer than the norm 2 weeks post medical abortion)?

I need to know that this is normal/expected, and everything will be alright. I appreciate anyone's response! Thanks.
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replied March 26th, 2013
Hi, just wanted to update in case anyone was reading this and may find it useful.

I had a low grade fever about 2 days after posting my last post. It lasted for 3-4 hours and never went above 100.4... I was SO close to going to the ER in case it was an infection or something, but I was able to get it down with some Tylenol.

I went immediately to a clinic the following day for my 2-week check-up. The NP did the ultrasound TWICE and told me the pregnancy had passed, that my uterus was empty, and everything was 'complete.' She told me a fever would be a bad sign if it was within 24 hours after the second dosage of pills.

I told her I was still bleeding and she looked into my cervix, she said there was no huge blood clots that needed help passing. She thinks my low fever was probably related to something else, NOT the med abortion. Anyway, she seemed to think my bleeding this long (I'm officially going on 3 1/2 weeks of bleeding) is normal... She said better to be bleeding than not.

For me, it's like a period. Sometimes it's light, until I start to get up and walk and there it goes again. On occasion, I get tiny clots (~less than 1")... The NP did say that some women bleed longer than others. I'm hoping it stops soon... Anyway, she told me to begin birth control pills soon to help regulate my cycle and hormones.

I'll keep you updated if anything else happens...

Anyone have similar issues?
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