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Bleeding after sex

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Please help me guys I'm really scared I have been bleeding after having sex with my husband. I had a baby 13 months ago, he was a twin survivor, his twin brother passed away during the pregnancy but I continued with the pregnancy, I was 30 weeks when I went into labor, the alive twin came out easily but the other twin was starting to decompose and got stucked. I was loosing a lot of blood so they rushed me into the operating room and i don't know what happen there. The doctor called me and said he couldn't go to the hospital but he would go the next day, he never did and I don't know what happen or if may be the bleeding and pain is related to this.
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replied March 22nd, 2017
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I am sorry to hear about the trauma you went through. It must still be incredibly difficult for you. It is good to hear that one baby survived and are ok.

There are many reasons why you can bleed after sex. You do not give enough information to even guess at what it could be.

Your doctor can request your medical records from the hospital, but I am not sure there will be anything interesting there. If you are having pain or bleeding every time, or it does not stop, or it keeps on happening, you should definitely see your doctor. It is not really possible to diagnose it without an exam.

Best of luck
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