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Bleeding after masturbation

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About a week ago I masterbated with a paper towel holder that was about 1 inch round in circumference at the most. It wasn't a flat paper towel holder. It was one that the top thing screws off and you put the paper towel on the base and screw the top back on. Well I use it as a door stob, so I wasn't using it for paper towels. Anyways I went deep only 2 times the entire time I was masterbating. I thought I was wet enough, so didn't use any lubrication. I wasn't even rough when I went deep or at least i didn't think I was. I wasn't flat on my back I was in a standing on my knees position on the floor. I am a virgin or at least i was before this happened. is it possible i broke my hymen and devirginilized myself while doing this. When i went deep it did not hurt and it doesn't hurt now. i did experience some light bleeding during and after masterbating. I had been spotting since then now suddenly the bleeding is a lil heavier, and small clots are coming out when i pee or what appear to be skin tissue maybe. Not sure which. I haven't had a period since Aug. 2017. I am 36 yrs old and my periods have been irregular this year and also back in 2015 as well. In 2016 my periods were normal. Could i be on my period from masterbating or am i bleeding bc i am no longer a virgin. I thought maybe i was going thru pre-menopause at my age explaining the missed periods. I have read you can bleed for awhile after breaking your hymen. is this true? Again, like i said i am not in any pain at all. no cramping and my vagina etc isn't sore. could i have maybe went too far and bruised my cervix causing bleeding. Should i be worried? Is this normal? Note: I am not sexually active, and have never had much sex experience, nor have i had deep penetration with a penis or dildo like this before. My ex i was with fingered me but nothing else, and i never bleed when they did that to me. It hurt so they'd stop. I've masterbated since i was 4 with pillows and humped blankets, but this is the first time I have used something like this inside of me that deep anyway. Advice is much appreciated please.
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replied December 22nd, 2017
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It is possible that you tore your hymen, but it is not possible that you “devirginized” yourself. You cannot take your virginity with masturbation. Being a virgin means that you did not have sex, whatever that may mean for you.

It is likely that either your period started, or you injured yourself.

At 36 you should really look at getting a dildo and/or a vibrator, and not use things around the house. You can order them online if you do not want to visit a store.

Best of luck.
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