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Bleeding after intercourse

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I am 50 yrs old, had a total hysterectomy about 8 yrs ago. Recently, when I have intercourse, there is light bleeding and the intercourse becomes painful after a while. What is happening?
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replied January 28th, 2009
Community Volunteer
Hi Zannah58 and welcome to ehealth:

Where is the bleeding coming from?..Is the pain at the top of your vaginal canal near the cervix or could it possibly be the vaginal walls where thinning and tearing could have occurred? Are you with the same partner or could it be a larger penis that is penetrating you and hitting on your cervix harder then previous times? I think both of these are possible, but if it continues I would definitely see your OB-GYN...

Sex should not be painful and bleeding should not occur....

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replied January 29th, 2009
Thank you Caroline!
Yes, it is with the same partner, and I did not see where if any, there was a tear. I was shocked to see pink colored stains on the sheets when I got out of the bed. After just a short time, the intercourse becomes painful, mostly inside of me. I don't know if my age has anything to do with it or not, and since I had a total hysterectomy I do not have a cervix and have already gone through menopause. Perhaps like you mentioned the vaginal walls have thinned and are tearing, I will look into that. Thank you so much.
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