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Bleeding after intercourse during ovulation

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We are trying to concieve,i am 39 almost my husband 40.I am on clomid but still no luck.Can you tell me why i bleed during ovulation after intercourse.It is not heavy but changes from month to month sometimes its red like this time its brown.Thank you.How long can sperm live in my body at our ages.Thank you.
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replied April 25th, 2009
bleeding during ovulation after intercourse
I am having the same problem. My husband and I are trying to conceive. we already have 2 girls and are trying one more time for a boy. we had to take clomid for 8 months to get our second girl who will be 2 in june. this month during ovulation and about 6 hours after intercourse i passed a clump of mucus that had just a little bit of a pinkish color blood in it. Then a little while later it was a brownish color and that was it. I have been searching the internet for answers and I came across your post.
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