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hi everyone, i am 53 yrs old/4 kids. i had a hyst/bladder tack 4 yrs ago because of a very bad cyctocelle. i am scheduled to have another one this month because bladder has dropped again just not as bad as first time. i am taking phy therp now to help with pelvic floor dysfunction. i have fibro and have also been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. i am very happy with my dr but i have to admit this surgery makes me a little nervous, not the surgery per say but with as many things as i have going on i just have to wonder what happens if this one goes bad. when things got so bad this time around i managed to stay off my feet in order to be able to go to bathroom.(no good at self cath, hurts to bad)and had to the first time around. it has gotten better but then again i am off my feet for part of the day. have been lucky with the ic and not lots and lots of pain just like mentrual cramps. dr is going to go with the mesh this time around and i do know the phy therap cant hurt but what will happen if i have to go thru this again? can they fix it again? is the fibro and ic to blame, has it partially caused all of my problem?
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replied July 6th, 2009
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I have heard of people having a couple of surgeries for this problem...Usually childbirth is the initial reason for this problem...Yes, it can be done again...Good luck with your surgery...

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