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Bladder problems and cloudy urine?

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(female)I have suspected for a while that my monthly cycle messes with my hormones enough to give me mild discomfort for a period of time, and that it passes. But this time it seems to be getting worse and i feel very unhealthy.

I haven't been feeling well, on and off, for a long time now, and haven't received any kind of serious antibiotics within the last few months. The first cause of alarm was earlier this year in may, i went to the doctor because of severe pain on my right side right underneath my ribs. The cause was liver inflammation due to chlamydia. it went away after the medication, but i can still feel it occasionally, like a sharp stab, different from a pulled muscle-the first doctor was very unprofessional and couldn't even explain it, it always makes me worry something is seriously wrong, then it fades away. always the same spot. anyways i have had a few yeast infections and i know the symptoms and how to treat it, but recently i've had different symptoms which include-

severely interruptive bladder problems-often like sudden spasms, not being able to hold it in, then not even having to pee very much, or not having it come out all at once, then still feeling like i need to pee after, then returning several times or even waking up in the middle of the night...the slightest pressure sometimes, like getting up after sitting down, makes me have to pee IMMEDIATELY...i've had to pee outside a few times before reaching home...risky and demoralizing, very embarrassing-something i'd have trouble saying to a doctor's face. These feelings come and go but have been present in the past few days. Also, cloudy white stuff in urine...not yeast i don't think, but theres a lot of the cloudy white stuff, sometimes the pee is brightly colored yellow or greenish. Genitals seem normal, not super itchy or inflamed. I freaked out about a bump on my vulva then discovered it was an ingrown hair, it went away. a little while back, maybe a month, i had vaginal discharge that smelled a bit gross, thick and greenish-yellow, clear...that went away though, it might have been part of my cycle. i have been known to overthink my illnesses, but i have been in obvious enough discomfort about my bladder to want to go to a doctor-but i don't have health insurance so i need to ask for advice.

also recently, in the past few days, i had sex with a new partner, the condom slipped and he accidentally came inside me. i immediately took a plan b pill the next day to help prevent pregnancy. i am experiencing gas and slightly mucousy/blood tinged stools, but i read that comes as a side effect of taking steroids, and the pills are said to mess with your system a bit. do you think it has to do with bladder problems? i think i may have some kind of vaginal infection-i HOPE not any kind of std. i have had one partner (other than the newest one) since the first std test and medication, and never experienced any problems with him. i also do not think i am pregnant. my periods have been normal up until now and the 'incident' was a few days ago, highly unlikely that is the cause of anything.

upset and uncomfortable-please help with a little more than 'just go see a doctor', i don't have very much money right now
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