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Bladder pain and kidney stones

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About four years ago I had continous bladder infections. I was in and out of the ER several times in one year. At one point it was so bad I got a kidney infection. I felt like I had the flu but it didn't go away. I went to the ER and they gave me IV fluids, etc. I continued having bladder infections throughout the year. My husband kept asking the doctors if it was possible that I had a kidney stone. They kept assuring me that it wasn't that. After about a year of taking antibiotics with no relief I finally decided to try an alternative method. I went and had acupuncture. The day after I had acupuncture I woke up in the morning, urinated an to my suprise a large kidney stone, the size of my eye tooth popped out. I grabbed it, took it to the doctor, they tested it and sure enough it was a calcium oxalate stone. After I passed the stone they then gave me a CAT Scan and found that I had two small stones in my left kidney. They told me to not worry that these would pass easily as they were not as big as the one I had passed. For about a year after passing the stone I felt great and I think I only had one mild bladder infection after that. My doctor still insisted that kidney stones could not cause my bladder infections. My first question: Is it possible to have recurrent bladder infections when kidney stones are lodged in your Ureters or Urethra?

About 6 month to a year ago I started having very painful period cramps. So bad that I would vomit ocassionally from the pain. In addition to this, I have had constant bladder pain. I almost always have pain in the tip of my Urethra. I have constant urination ocassioinally. I also noticed that I have a lump on the left side of my throat. It feels like a cyst but seems to be getting bigger. It isn't my lymphnodes, it is below them. But, my lymphnodes are also swollen as well. So, I have now been back at the doctors trying to search out every cause. For my painful periods, they diagnosed me with endometriosis or so they think. They wanted me to start taking birth control pills to help that. They made me sick so I am stopping that tonight. They also diagnosed me with Insterstitial Cystitis and wanted me to take Amytriptyline (I refuse to mask the problem with anti-depressents). For the lump in my throat my doctor has now sent me to have an ultrasound.

So now I have a few other questions:

1) Could the pain in my bladder be another kidney stone? Nobody has checked for that ( I am having a cat scan scheduled).
2) Could my kidney stones, fatigue, lump in my throat, painful menstruation be caused because of an irregular parathyroid? This is my new theory that I have come up with, possible? Thyroid has been tested as regular.

Are there any diseases/problems which include all of these symptoms.

Any advice would be truly appreciated as the only relief I find now days is Vicodin and I don't want to get hooked.
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replied June 13th, 2009
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omg to much info, print this out and see different doctors who can help u
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