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Blackout & Fainting after Injection

I do not know where to put this topic . All I remember at the age of 12 that I faint & sometimes blackout after I get a needle in my blood, from a Doctor or nurse, Im now 45 and I still have this problem, it is very embarrassing because number 1
* I'm male
2* Im adult
3* this problem in my case is extreme
when I fainted yesterday after I got 2 needles injected ,one normal Local Anesthetic and on thick Biopsy needle.
After I passed out inside the hospital ,10 Doctors came into my ward to see what happened, one doctor told me that I should get this checked out by my GP, I just want to know , Is it normal to pass out the way I do ?
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replied August 26th, 2010
Dude, I am 21 and I have the same problem. It started around the age of 12 or 13 as well . Have you found it to be a totally unconscious reaction as I have? And how have you dealt with it over the years? I look forward to you reply.

I would also request a reply from a doctor, as my own physician has no clue about anything, really. Help is appreciated.
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replied August 4th, 2011
Seizures after shots
I too have this problem, except it has turned worse. I now pass out and have a full (posture) seizure after shots or injections. My body temperature goes through the roof too. I am not afraid of the needles it just happens. I had a very bloody trauma when I was 10 years old and some say the two are related....any ideas?
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replied September 17th, 2011
Hmm, I have the same thing, I often pass out about 15-30 minutes after, can foam at the mouth, usually it's when they put things in, not for blood tests, although I had a seizure on my midwife. (apparently I kicked her) >.<

My first one was after the meningitous jab, about 12 years of age (now 21), I remember just talking to my friend then the next moment bam!
I wasn't scared of them then, however, I do get worked up now as I'm scared of embarrasing myself. I was never scared when they first happened however. (although no one enjoys them!)

I was wondering if it's a chemical they use to make people's blood react to the jab. I know they used to use small amounts of mercury, but they changed it, I was thinking maybe thats what now causes it?

We would need someone in the pharmacutical industry rather than a doctor as they understand the drugs better maybe though?
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replied February 21st, 2013
Wow I have the same story. Got the miningitis shot-- a few minutes later I woke up after fainting and having a seizure! Ahh! Crazy that you had the same experience---and now I always have the same thing happen whn gettin shots or blood taken. I can make it through the shot---it's right after that's terrifying!
Wow! Insane!
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replied September 19th, 2011
This is Pookie1 from above. This is just an opinion by my mother has done a lot of research on me after my second seizure related to needles. She believes it to be a Vasovagal reflex (look it up) your body goes through. It is not a laughing matter nor something to take lightly. Your blood pressure drops so fast that is can be very dangerous. If you have a condition like this you need to have it on all you medical papers and make your doctors aware. My mother is doing more and more investigation into this and I will post if I learn anything more.
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replied September 21st, 2011
Think you've hit the nail on the head. I've been told I have inappropriate sinus tachicardia. Which means my heart rate increases very fast at random intervals and makes me feel faint.

But this sounds like a much more like it. As I know it can be stress induced, sometimes dehydration ect. Thank you, I will see my doctor about this.
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