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Black spots on my thoracic bone scan/ Thoracic back pain.

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I have horrible pain in my Thoracic spine and cervical spine.
First off, when the pain started, it would just cause a sort of burning feeling in my thoracic back and cervical back. But then the pain started to get worse and cause intense headaches. So much so, that I had to spend most of my day lying down. I thought it was muscular at first, but now when all the muscles are relaxed, it feels like I have gravel in my back, or maybe my chiropractor could adjust me and it would go away.
When it started, I was very physically fit. I ran 3-5 miles 5 days a week. I also did weight training, benching 325-350lbs, western and thai boxing, and a lot of core strengthening...
So, I thought maybe the exercise was causing it, and I quit working out. But the pain continued.
I saw a Physiatrist who diagnosed me with 2 herniated discs, and sent me to physical therapy. The PT only made it worse. Let's not forget, I was very fit when this came on and the PT workout is what I already was doing. I started acupuncture, hung upside down on a inversion table and did traction. NOTHING changed.
Then I got an MRI, which showed no issues, no arthritis and very little degeneration, for a 46yr old man.
So, then I added chiropractic to the mix. So at one point I was doing acupuncture 2x's a week, chiro 2x's a week, PT 2x's aweek and massage 1x a week. Still,no change..
Then I went for a bone scan, believing it could be a ligament issue. They also did another round of xrays. I just had all of those read. I have bone spurs on my spine and two dark spots, where I point to for the pain. Which, for me is good news. That they can finally SEE where I say the pain is, is promising to me.
I can not stand too long, sit too long, or carry anything with out causing pain and head aches. The least amount of pain, is when I am lying down. And this has been going on for 8-10 mos.
So, now I am going in for a CT scan to see if that tells us what the black spots on my spine are.There is also some talk about cancer, but my primary Dr already did a couple of blood tests for cancer, and they were fine.

I am not able to work out at all and I can only work a few hours a day because of the pain.
I have been chasing this down for about 8 months and am hopeful that I will find a diagnosis, and I can get back to my life.
Has anyone else dealt with this sort of thing?
Thanks for any info you have.
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