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Black mold in bathroom for 3 years!!

Hi! Excuse for my bad english, it's not my first language...

I'm posting this because i'm really scared. I never knew about the dangers of black mold and i have had black mold in my bathroom roof for 3 years! I share this bathroom with a roommate and he is perfectly fine. But the last years i've been experiencing a worsening hypochondria/anxiety/ocd disorder. Neither of us have had any symptom of any other type (respiratory, enterical nor anything...), only this, and worsening cognitive functions (but maybe that's only because i went through a benzo treatment and withdrawal, that's an obvius cause).

Is this considered long term exposure? because i'm not all day in the bathroom...

Anyway, I'm afraid i have been infected or that i have consumed too much micotoxins and that it's damaging my central nervous system (and that this was the cause of my anxiety disorder). I know it's probably the anxiety and the benzos that make my concentration and memory worse, but i wanna know if maybe this it's also making more harm.

I'm contracting a someone to kill the mold and repaint the roof by the way.

PS: I will be grateful if you could tell me what kind of routine test i could take to check if i'm poisoned with micotoxins. Also i'd like some recommendation on treatment for detoxification.

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