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I'm 15 and ive prob had this since the end of January this year, and it still happens today.

At the time I started i noticed smallwhite pinpoint flashes, like someone took a pic from far away or something, and I thought it was gonna go on for a while cause it annoyed me, so i went to the apthmalogist or whatever lol. he said everything was fine and its probably there due to the lack of vitamins or i was stressed out. after that it got worse.

usually now, light sometimes irritates my eyes, when i see bright stuff i see hundreds of those sparkly things running around (eg when i look at the sky etc), i cant see the dark well when i was able to before, i see black flashes like someone took the camera, and that aftereffect from that flash describes what im seeing. also i get migranes but thats heredited from my parents who have it.

im not the type of person to go to the doctors often, so i need help ):

btw i also experience derealization every night
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replied March 18th, 2013
I have the same problem you have, maybe even worse, I'm 19, male, what your experiencing could be a phase, but that's not the case for me, I also see sparks of things here and there, visual snow, and god knows what els. Just hang in there, I'm pretty sure it's not life threatening.
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