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bite still itchy after 4 months

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2 months ago I was sitting outside when I put my hand over a crack in the ground, before i knew it I felt this horribly painful sting on the side of my ring finger. First the sting numbed the whole top half of my finger and I couldn't feel it of about 30 minutes, then I started getting feeling back and the bite started to itch madly! It then blew up the side of my finger with a nickel size bump that hurts as well as itches continuously.
Now months later it still itches about 2 times a week. It seems like its gone forever... not even a mark! But then it just starts itching like MAD! The bump begins to grow again, and around the bite area its very red and it stings. It drives me crazy and it wakes me up at night as well as gets me up in the morning!
I can't stand it! it was 4:00 in the morning when I got up from itching to finally type this out... I just want to know what bit me, and how can I ease this pain?

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replied August 22nd, 2009
Itch from tick bite that has lasted for months
I have a very similar itch, but I got it from a tick bite (lone star tick). The tick spot seems to be healing, but it will not stop iching. It has not been over 4 months and I can't get the itch to go away.

I am assuming that your bite it not from a tick, but maybe someone knows how to get the itching to stop.

Best of luck to you,

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replied July 17th, 2012
Cured with a hot spoon
I had a bit bite that still itched after 2 months.

I finally cured it by putting a really hot tea spoon on it. Hot as in right after the spoon came out of my tea I pressed it on the bite and held it there even though I felt too hot.

Actually I might have over done it on the heat as it blistered afterwards but it healed within a few days and the bite had almost gone and no longer itches. I've also read of people using a hairdryer to heat a bite, I think the key is to get it as hot as you can without burning your self (much).

Not sure why it worked but it definitely it worked for me so probably worth ago.

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