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Well Thursday late night I was sleeping and I suddenly woke up with a stinging burning sensation on my upper right lip. I also had a weird taste on my lips and mouth. I tried to go to sleep and forget about it knowing I had work in a few hours. Well when I woke up at 5 am and stumbled into the bathroom. I had the same burning feeling on my upper lip and noticed in the mirror it was bright red and looked like a big pimple. Not much swelling but there was a little but only if you looked at it knowing there was a problem. Anyway I brushed it off as I was running late to work and throughout the entire day it started to go numb and I had a scarthy-ness in my throat. It felt like I was drinking shards of glass when I drank anything. A headache also started to come on around noon and has lasted since. But when I got home I looked in the mirror and it looked more like a blister now and a layer of skin has now peeled away and was bleeding with clear puss. There is now 2 marks like where fangs would have bitten. But they are spaced far enough where I'm not sure that they where made from a spider or not.
Well today as I type this the sharp pain in my throat as I drink or eat anything is still there and my lip is numb on the right side still and it is scabbing up.
Any ideas if this sounds like a spider bite or not or some other insect? Has anyone else come across similar symptoms?
Thanks a lot to who ever reply's.
(here is a picture, sorry its bad quality its from my cam phone)
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