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Bisexual friend is in love with a straight friend and suicidal

Ok, so my bestfriend recently came out to most of our friends as a bisexual(We are all 18 years old). All of us have accepted her and think no differently of her. She has high anxiety and is suffering from depression due to her stress about coming out to her family. We live in Utah, and it's a heavily Mormon community and her family is. Her greatest fear is coming out to her family and having them disown her, especially her mother who is very against homosexuality. A few weeks ago she was contemplating suicide, luckily another friend of hers talked her out of it. And now she has started seeing a therapist once a week. Recently I learned that she is in love with said friend who talked her out of it, the friend is straight. We, my group of friends and I, are really concerned that if she is rejected she will actually kill herself. The question is, what can we do to comfort her and to help her get rid of these thoughts? We always tell her how much we love her and that she can talk to us about anything, and she usually does, but I'm not sure how much it's actually helping her. We were wondering if it would be a good idea to tell the friend she is in love with about her feelings so that she doesn't lead her on and make her feel that there is something there only to be rejected later on. Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? Please help!
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