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Birth control pill! Can't lose weight, gaining!!

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I have been on birth control on and off for the past year. My first pill was Microgynon 30, and at around November time 2010 I took a break from it. This was the best 2 months of my adult life so far. Felt great, body looked great. I went back on Microgynon around Feb time as I had started a relationship.

Now here goes, I have been very slim for the past 2 years, a frame of 5 foot 2 and 7 stone. Since my duration of taking the pill my weight has shot up a whole stone. I have not changed my eating patterns as I am always conscious of calories, and keeping up my exercise of 30 - 40 mins a day 7 days a week. Its really bringing me down, especially as I have upped my exercise now, adding in running and swimming 3 days a week and logging calories. No matter what I do I cant budge my weight.

I have now come off the pill in a last plea to lose weight.

I was wondering If anyone else has experienced weight gain with the pill, and what happened when they came off??

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replied July 22nd, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, I would suggest that since there are dozens of possible birth controls available that u study and compare.
asking for the info that u did I believe is detrimental because if u speak to the 2% then what r u to believe except that the 2% somehow represents the majority?
u obviously work out hard enough so maybe try some different diets; start with LOW GLYCEMIC, or ATKINS or DIABETIC DIET and see if u can live with these
good luck
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