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Birth Control has made my breasts shrink?

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I've been taking birth control (levonorgestrel) for over a year now, and before I started I was a full C cup. At first the pills made my breasts swollen and a bit bigger but over time they actually shrank a lot. I've gone from a C to a small B...

So my question is, has this happened to anybody else? And is there anyway I can reverse this?

Any help appreciated!
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replied March 25th, 2012
Shrinking breasts
The same exact thing happened to me.At first they had grown a lot with the use of birth control.I was a full C and now I am a small B as well except for when I am on my period. Then they swell and I am very happy with fullness of my breasts. A day after it ends They are back to "normal" smh It sucks Sad
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replied January 12th, 2015
The same thing happened to me. I started with a full B and they shrunk to a small B/Large A. Does anyone know which brand of birth control pills makes boobs larger???
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