I havee a question ,
im worried , because i am new to this birth control stuff.
ive been using it for about , 3 to 4 months now ,
i take (Zovia) daily , because my mother ( yes im underage )thought it would be easier to handle.
i was doing the daily routine correctly for a while , until i came to this pack
( that im using now )
ive missed a few days , for example ill be unexpectedly out of town , and my pills would be away from me. so i would miss that day , but ill come back the next day and take two to get back on track.
but lately , ive been forgetting days all together , or taking the pills at different times ( orginally i would take it in the morning )...
and ive read on this site , that all increases the chance of pregnancy.

me and my boyfrnd have been having unprotected sex lately , he would stop before it gets to far , but still there is a little scare.
i listened to a friend who's on it to , and she says its alright. but i cant help but be worried.
my routine was mixed up a bit , as in the times i take my pill AND , i think ive missed taking the pill about ....5 or 6 timess , not in a row but , occasionally.
and even worse , one day when i was kind of surprised with sex , that morning i mistakeingly forgot my pilll to , i took it tht night but still . the thought lingers.
i should be worried because im really messing up but pleaseee just tell me i have nothing to worry about and to just fix my mistakes next time . ):
- signed ms,forgetful
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replied December 2nd, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
I'll make this as simple as possible..if you take your pills CORRECTLY: ON TIME EVERYDAY then the pill is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy..every time you MISS a pill your chances increase...also taking the pill at different times daily makes it harder to remember so your more likely to forget...the more pills you miss the greater chance you have of getting pregnant..considering you've missed 5+ pills you could be in trouble...It DOES matter when you take them..and if you miss more than 2 pills you need to be using a back up method such as a condom....if the pill is hard to remember maybe you should look into the patch or the ring..or even an implant, my friend has one of those and it lasts for 3years...I set my alarm on my phone to remember to take mine...the more you miss, the less effective your pills are....wait for your next period..if you are planning to have sex use a condom..if you miss your period test..and start takin those pills!
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